TP-Link TL WR841N router won't go past 70mbps on 150mbps plan (when wired or wireless)

Jun 22, 2018
I have a 150mbps internet plan that when wired directly to my modem (NetGear CM400) i'm usually somehow showing speeds of 170mbps or more. However when I add my TP-Link TL WR841N router into the mix, my speeds won't go past 70mbps no matter whether i run it wireless, or even when I'm wired directly to the router. Any idea what is causing such a speed drop? Is this router just not capable of running faster speeds?
Not sure why it is only 70mbps but you will never exceed 100mbps with that router it does not have gigabit lan or wan ports. In general you get about 90mbps on most routers that have 100mbps ports.

Some versions of that router are over 8 yrs old...there are many hardware revisions with the same model it could just be too slow.