Question TPM 2.0 not showing in windows but on in bios


Oct 8, 2022
in order to play valorant you must have tpm 2.0 and secure boot enabled so i went into my bios ( version {"ALASKA - 1072009", "A.50", "American Megatrends - 5000D"}) idk if thats correct butyeah i just typed a command into cmd

secure enabled no problems but tpm 2.0 thats another story i went into my bios (MSI click bios5) and went to security blah blah blah, enabled AMD FTPM, and all the other things u have to enable, i relaunch go back into windows go to tpm.msc and it says device not found and i look through my device manager and in my security devices i have AMD PSP Device, but no TPM i just want to play valorant anyone have a fix or know if i need drivers, anything would help thanks !

SPECS:MSI x470 gaming plus
AMD ryzen 7 2700k
Geforce RTX 3080
32gb ddr4 ram 3200mhz
Sep 10, 2022
You updated to 22h2 Windows build 22621? I have the issue of what people believe is a bug, so my device security on defender app shows as ‘hardware not supported’ I don’t have TPM running on my BIOS even though it’s set to go in the BIOS.

Have you check your defender app? Device security, let me know if we got the same issue. Windows so messed up with this. And if you wanna get this solves now maybe you can get into Windows insider program, which will let you get their new update.

I did that and found another problem, where my display driver keep updating by itself, I know how to stop it but it will stop all hardware drivers update all together too, so I fresh installed windows, but then I came back to the issue where my tpm isn’t showing windows so crap at this point I am thinking to get myself another OS. lol


You might have skipped a step.
In bios, you go into advanced, enable fTPM, save and exit. Reboot.
Then go back into bios, advanced, trusted computing, enable security device support. You should get the TPM20 device found message. Save and exit. Reboot.

Should then show up in windows.
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