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Question Tracking down source of problem between NIC or Router


Dec 9, 2016
I've posted here before about my networking issues but recently I upgraded from an ancient Netgear wifi router to an Orbi mesh system so I let those old questions die out as I thought the problem was solved. Some issues are gone and new ones have cropped up.

Ever since installing my Orbi, I've been getting disconnected from my network whenever I try to download something large (10 or more gb for example). I did have network issues before upgrading but these seem to be worse as now I have to totally disable and re-enable my NIC to reconnect. If I try to reconnect without doing this, the system tells me that it just "couldn't connect to network". I'm using a pretty crappy off-brand (BrosTrend) wifi card that I purchased on Amazon before I realized that everything Amazon "recommends" is either counterfeit or less than reputable. I know I need to replace it anyway I just want to make sure it's not my router kicking me off for exceeding a limit or something? But I suppose that wouldn't make sense because I can still get back on after I toggle my driver in device manager.

So I guess I mostly think it's my wi-fi card but if anyone has any tests I can do to see for sure, I'd love to try them.



Grab a whatever length network cable you need (under 300 feet) and plug in to test. This is the only surefire way to verify whether it's your WiFi signal or something internal in your router (or your ISP). If you're in the US Home Depot and Lowes usually carry extra long network cables.

If you keep the cable/packaging in good shape it's usually not a problem to return it after testing.