Tranfering games and listening to music from a hdd storrage drive with ssd main


Sep 3, 2012
Long time reader, first time poster here so bare with me.

As the title implies I'm going to be building a new computer soon and want to use my old hdd for storage. The OS and primary games I play will be on the ssd.

This will be my first experience using a ssd as my main drive and a hdd for storage so in my ignorance I have a few concerns.

So my main questions are:

1) Can I use the hdd to store my music files on and have WMP play the files?

2) Are there any other programs that I should use instead-of or-in-conjunction-with steammover as not all my games are Steam games?

Once my new rig is up and running I'll install the hdd after my OS is running on the ssd and format the hdd so it's bare and then use it as storage. Everything I'll be running will be fresh installs.

As much info you can give on any of these issues is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Aug 12, 2012
You can and should use the second hard drive for long term storage of files that don't require the speed of an SSD. Remember: after you fill a drive beyond 50% performance will start dropping.

You can use the windows File settings and transfer wizard after installing Windows on the new drive.

You will likely have to re-install you programs.

You can modify the registry settings to have the program files directory point to the second hard drive by default. when you want to install to the SSD, you can manually specify C: during the install.

Registry changes:

1) Type “regedit” in the windows start menu search box and hit enter to continue.

2) Navigate to the following registry key in the Registry Editor:

3) Locate the value named “ProgramFilesDir” and change the default value “C:\Program Files” to your new directory path. (Such as D:\Program Files\)

4) Close the registry editor and reboot your system to apply the change.