[SOLVED] transcend external hard disk not reponding

Oct 26, 2019
I have a transcend 1TB external HDD and it just will not respond. The first problem I noticed was that the computer would not recognize it when plugged in. I tried using it on another PC and it still did not respond. once I realized the problem was with the HDD I wanted to fix the HDD without having to format it. everytime I plugged it in, the PC would slow down, the HDD would show up as F, but if you clicked on it nothing would happen. it didn't show the file type or storage. I tried chkdsk and it took over 24 hours but did not complete. abandoning that process I tried using the EaseUS tools, nothing worked. finally I realized that the only option is to format the disk and try to recover what I can. i used disk part, but that failed at the "convert MBR" stage saying "data error (cyclic redundancy check". now the drive does not show up on windows explorer or in disk part. i cannot try chkdsk either cause there is no drive name. it shows up on device manager and shows up on the disk management module as disk 1 (unknown, not initialized). it wont initialize either due to data error, CRC. i just want to get back my photos. I have about 10 year's worth of photos in that. also the HDD is not really that old, I bought it this May.

any help at all will be appreciated.