Question Transfer a Win10 MS account-linked license to a different MS account

Aug 14, 2020
Evening all,

I've read through a number of threads on this subject but haven't found one directly relating to my scenario, I've probably missed one though! A have found a couple of sources saying it's not possible, but these were from 2016 and 17 so I am wondering if the picture has changed at all.

I have a PC I am selling, and part of the sale is the end user will get my Windows 10 Home license. This W10 Home license is linked to my Microsoft account -- it was originally on a laptop, transferred via my Microsoft account to this PC (which was a self build so no volume license etc. included), and now it needs to be transferred to a new Microsoft account.

The person I am selling to is a close relative, so it isn't critical that all traces of my account are scratched from the OS. E.g. if the best way of making this happen is to keep it somehow linked to my Microsoft account, that would be OK if there really are no better ways of selling it.

I will be installing the OS for the user, and will be signing in using their MS account details to do the intial setup. Ideally, their account will be the only account to have signed in and everything will be setup using their user, but I'm not sure if I must instead enter my MS account details during the OS install to get it licensed? This would mean the OS would remain forever linked to my account though.

Apologies for the ramble! What do you people think, is there a slick way of doing this now, or must it remain tied to my account forever?


Edit: just to clarify the hardware will remain the same with the same SSD, only the GPU will be removed. Windows 10 Home will be reinstalled fresh.