Transfer dos program dos 386 computer to vista


Feb 29, 2012
I have an old 386 DOS machine that contains proprietary software that my partner and I wrote for our business. I want to transfer the program and the data to my Vista machine and am looking for the steps involved to do this (including the DOS commands needed for the transfer steps since I'm extremely rusty on those).

I do have an XP machine that can be used as an intermediate step if necessary. The 386 used 3.5" floppies and the XP machine does as well. I'm thinking if I can somehow get the program and data to the XP, then I can burn a CD or put it on a stick to get it to the Vista.


Oct 19, 2007
Sure, boot your 386. Enter
dir /p
look for the folder your software is in. Let's say it's in a folder called "Rocksoft"
cd rocksoft
copy *.* a:\
Then copy the files on the floppy to your XP pc and zip them up. Next, either upload them somewhere like Skydrive or Mediafire or (depending on the size of the programs), email them to yourself.