Transfer everything off hdd including windows and programs etc to ssd?


Jan 5, 2012
k so
i have a 1 terabyte hdd with windows 7 installed and all my programs/drivers etc, and i have it set up with intel smart response technology with my ocz 60gb agility 3 ssd. So now i would like to transfer everything off my hdd and put it on my ssd including windows 7. so the ssd can be my new drive. currently my 1tb hard drive is 34.3gb full due to windows 7 and programs. so i would like to transfer everything off my hdd and put it on my ssd. its only 34.3 gb and my ocz agility 3 ssd is 60 gb (55gb)


Jun 14, 2010
Sounds like you need to do a fresh install the Windows 7 onto your new SSD drive and perhaps even re install the programs. While you are at, make sure you load the ACHI controller or/and Marvell controller during the Windows install.


I would clone your hard drive onto the SSD. I've used Acronis True Image to clone hard drives to SSDs on three separate occasions without problems, but any imaging software should work fine. Some people may tell you that your SSD won't work properly unless you do a fresh install, this is simply not true. A fresh install never hurts, but it's not required.