Transfer of files from windows95 to windows7

That's the best solution... if you've got a home network set up. Of course, the OP didn't mention it one way or the other... so I was going on the assumption he didn't have one.
Ugh... yeah... I hadn't even considered that possibility. It amazes me sometimes when I think about the kind of hardware we used to use way back in the DOS / Windows 3.1 days. Seeing circuit boards with actual wires running around to make connections... we've come a long way.


Feb 4, 2010
Actually a zero software option would be to use Direct cable connection on the Windows 95 computer (as the host) and Hyperterminal(or the equivalent? I only know as far as XP.) on the Vista machine (as a Direct Cable Connection "guest") then load away. Check the Windows help system or post back for more help...