Dec 22, 2012
I know a decent amount about networking but i cant seem to figure out what the cause of my transfer rate bieng so much slower than my actual connection speed. on an average test on speedtest.surewest.net i will get 9ms ping 16mbps download and 48mbps upload with my fiber optic connection with no router, however even though my connection speeds fluctuate my download transfer rate is always 2.1mpbs and my upload rate is always 4mbps, this does \not matter if i am downloading from a server or from peer to peer or anything.
PC specs are GIGABYTE GA-990FXA mobo with AMD 3.1ghz 8 core cpu 8 gigs of ram and hd 7770 gpu running windows 7 64 bit. I dont know if this is a software problem or some sort of hardware roblem but any help would be appreciated
Most software displays transfer rate in bytes per second, not bits per second like online speed tests. So, 2.1MBps is more than 16Mbps, and 4MBps is about 40Mbps.