Question Transferring components from Alienware Aurora R6 to a new tower.

Aug 11, 2021
Hey all,

I've been reading a lot of mixed reviews and feelings about transferring components of an Alienware desktop into a brand new tower. My reasoning is that I am wanting to upgrade the cooling to an AIO and do some more custom upgrades. I also like the look of a tower where you can see inside with lights and all that jazz. My question this possible? I've read yes, no, and just buy a new computer. Where money is always tight for me, buying a brand new computer, or components to build my own is out of the question. I would much rather buy a few components and just transfer what I have into a new tower. Please let me know if this is at all possible.


Math Geek

you need to look and see if it has standard connections from the case to the motherboard.

i am not familiar with this particular model but often in the past, dell likes to use custom connections for many models.

this makes moving it to a new case difficult as you need those custom connections to the mobo for the new case to work and of course it is made with standard connections.

if you are not familiar with how standard connections look and work, then ask someone who does know to look inside the case and see what it has. if they are standard connections, then moving it should not be an issue. if they are custom, then you have to see how those connections are made and if you can possibly move a piece or 2 with it to make it work.

your other option would be a new standard motherboard and reuse the rest of the parts. again no clue about this model but in the past this is what you faced when trying to move a pre-built into a new case.
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