Transferring data from Winows 95 to Vista computer


May 8, 2011
How do I transfer documents from a Windows 95 computer to a Windows Vista computer when I can only put data on a floppy with the older machine? Is there a cable link with the right connectors at each end? Philip.
You could also buy one of those SATA / IDE to USB dongles (they come with power supply). Remove the hard drive (or even leave it in place if you wish... as long as the cable is within reach of your newer computer) and hook it up to the new computer's USB port.

The dongle will be handy to have around for other data transfers or even backing up.
It doesn't matter... SHEESH... some people are hard of reading.

If you connect the OLD drive to the NEW computer, then it is IRRELEVENT whether Windows 95 supports USB or not. The NEW computer (which has VISTA installed) does (quite obviously) support USB.

Good God... after my initial post explaining the situation, you'd think everyone would have caught on...
But if the removed hard drive with Win95 doesn't know what usb is, and you connect it to a new machine - the new machine will be able to write data to the drive but the old drive won't be able to send data back to the new machine, thus your screwed.



Dec 17, 2008
Unless you're trying to use one of those USB data transfer really doesn't matter whether or not Win95 can utilize USB, as it won't be trying. Win95 runs on FAT16 or FAT32, which can't read NTFS, so there's no point in trying to boot from the drive. So, the USB argument is pretty pointless. Either use an IDE to USB adapter (which is pretty cheap) or if the new system supports PATA (IDE), simply install the drive and it's cable, boot into Vista and transfer away...