[SOLVED] Transferring data off a Windows 7 HDD to be used on a Windows 10 HDD

Aug 9, 2020
I have an old Windows 7 computer that collects dust in the closet, but it has a bunch of old files and programs that I don't want to get rid of. My girlfriend says it's an eyesore and has to go, so I'm now tasked with getting all my precious stuff off of it. Now, I would just go through everything and get what I really want, but it doesn't run that great and is painfully slow. So, I'm wondering if I can transfer the entire HDD to a USB or another HDD that can be plugged in easily where I can sort though it all on my current PC. Ideally, I just want to plug-in a storage device to old PC, transfer, plug same storage device to new PC, and "voila", everything on my old PC is avilable to my new one. What would be the most efficient way I do this? How, what do I need, and is it possible? Thank you for any advice and help!


You could just buy a dock, by which you have the HDD connected as though you would with a pen drive, at your own convenience to sift through the drive but if the drive is slow on said older machine, it should be slow on a dock as well regardless of what you want to pull off of it.