Question Transferring old to new.


Nov 16, 2021
I have an older PC, 10 years...still works fairly ok. All data files on an external SSD.

I built a new PC. High end CPU/MB/Memory.

To transfer to the new PC do I simply...
1. Reinstall exe's
2. Plug in previous SSD.
3. Not sure if data files will point to right place.

Am I missing anything?
I'd think in these terms:

Clean install of Windows with only one drive connected, presumably your current SSD.

Re-connect external data drive. It appears you have no data internally. If the data drive was D before, I'd expect it will be D after, unless you've left out some details.

Reinstallation of all necessary applications

You can certainly try to simply reconnect your old OS SSD to the new hardware and see what happens. Could be bad, good for a while, or good forever. Depends on how lucky you feel and how much time you might want to spend on trouble-shooting right away or in the future.
The data you're talking about depends on, well, what kind of data it is. If it's data you yourself manually generated, applications will typically use the last place you loaded/saved from starting from a default the first time you do this.

If you're talking about settings/configures or files that you saved but the application didn't ask you where to save them to, that's usually in the user folder.