transferring regular VHS tapes to DVD help please!


Dec 30, 2007
My chem teacher has assigned me to find out how the school can transfer our VHS tapes to DVD's. I guess the tapes are getting old and they want to transfer them to DVD to preserve the content. They also need the ability to have chapters implemented into the dvd recording. I've tried doing some research and the DVD/VCR recorder combos all have terrible reviews. I'm guessing a good tv tuner card for the computer with a decent software program will get this job done. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the program and tuner card? What are decent TV Tuner cards that will convert the cable/composite signal from the vcr without loss in picture quality so I can record and save to a DVD? Thanks for any help!
I use Pinnacle studios version 9. That is an older version, but I'm sure their more recent versions work well too. Pinnacle's editing software is very good. I have transfered hundreds of family films, movies and my entire Three Stooges collection from VHS to DVD. Yeah, 3 Stooges. Just hook up your VHS player, stick a DVD in your DVD burner, open the software and capture to a system folder. Then open the folder in the editing software, comprise your movie, add titles, edit scenes, etc. and there you go. I haven't used my Pinnacle 9 for a year or so because Pinnacle 9 doesn't work with VISTA. I think Pinnacle 11 is VISTA compatible, so I may look into upgrading myself. It's been a while.