Question Transferring SSDs/HDDs from old pc to new?

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Oct 11, 2016
So I think I know the answer, but everywhere I try to make sure the responders go off in the same direction, which is irrelevant for my situation.
My questions are:
1: can I use my old SSDs, HDDs without dataloss in a new PC?
2: can I use any programs installed on these? (VS Code and alike)

And the important notes:
None of these have windows in the current PC.
None of these will have windows in the new PC.
The new PC only ever had 1 other SSD in it, onto which windows has been installed
New PC obviously has enough sata sockets for the SSDs, HDDs .
My assumption would be 1:Yes, 2:With some hurdles.
Yes, you can use the SSD/HDD from an old rig in a new rig, especially if there is no Windows installed, but even then, that wouldn't be a showstopper.
As for the programs, unless you specifically change your registry to make the programs run from a different drive letter, Windows will think the path to <program name>.exe is C:\Program Files or C:\Programs Files (x86).
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