Question Transmit video from PC to monitor wirelessly


Apr 9, 2017

What i wish to do is simple display my pc in my monitor.I have a small thin 10 inch monitor i wanna send the hdmi signal wirelessly.The best thing i found till now is Miracast or Anycast,vague explanation but anyway seems it transmit the video signal through wifi.My final objective is to boot my pc and boot my monitor and the monitor should automatically display the pc screen where i can use my wireless keyboard and mouse in peace.But i am not really sure if it works and as im mainly gonna game i dont wish vizual latency lags.And my worst problem is lags,lags on pc are infinite and wifi seems pure suicide when windows boot up it is supposed to connect to my cast dongle wifi automatically but windows oftens lags and wont do the required job.Any cheap way to transfer hdmi signal in a reliable way?
There are $xxx HDMI wireless extenders, but I don't think your 10" monitor needs this.

Miracast / Anycast need support from both sides. If your desktop supports eg Miracast, you can get Miracast adapter from Microsoft store - when on sale, it's like $40.
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The whole problem with the concept in general is how much bandwidth a monitor needs compared to how much you can realistically send via wifi...or even ethernet. If you lookup the HDMI rates for say 1080 at just 24 fps using some of the defaults on other options you get over 2gbit of bandwidth. Things like 4k video displays take 8gbit/sec.

These bandwidth are why HDMI cables are limited in length and for some you must used display port to get the rates.

Wifi you are going to be very lucky to get maybe 300mbps. You would have to use a fairly low resolution setting to get it to fit. The reason you can watch say netflix at high resolution is that the data is compressed with HDMI there is not really the same concept of compression.

I can not think of any way you are going to accomplish this without special hardware on both ends. You would need some capture device you would plug the hdmi cable into which would then compress the data and send it to another device that would uncompressed it and feed the data to the monitor. This all takes time so you are going to have input delay between what you see on the screen and your mouse/keyboard inputs.

Things like miracast pretty much are using your pc to send the data to a dongle that you would plug into the monitor. It has the sames issues in that you can not send high resolution high frame rate video and there will be delays introduced by the technology.

If you were say watching netflix or simple web surfing it might be ok. Maybe simple games where response time doesn't matter would work but most games will be unplayable.

At some point it is just going to be cheaper to buy a gaming laptop or some other small device.
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