Transporting A Custom PC


Mar 14, 2011
So in about 3 weeks or so, I am moving to university and of course, I plan to take my desktop pc with me. I need advice on how to transport it effectively.

I will be driving by car and it's a little under an hour and a half to the school and then my dorm room is up a few stairs.

The case is a CM 690II, if that helps and I have a hyper 212+ for a heat sink. I was planning to just put it in the case's original box, turn it on it's side and put it in the back of the car.

The main thing I am concerned about is the heatsink. The 212+ is pretty big and I am concerned it might damage the motherboard (Asus P8P67 PRO) or the cpu (2600K). I really don't want to have to take the heatsink off every time I move back (once a year) because I hate attaching the heatsink and thermal paste. I was thinking maybe just putting some packing materials in the case to keep the heatsink straight.

Any other precautions I should take? Or am I being overly cautious?


I think you're being overly cautious. Unless you recently attached the heat sink and never turned the system on since, I'm pretty sure it will still be where it's supposed to be when you connect up at university.

Also, when moving, all I've ever done was pack the computer in the box the case came from (with the original Styrofoam packaging). If Dell and other online computer manufacturers can ship computers this way via snail-mail, I'm sure your computer will survive 90 minutes in the back seat and up a flight of stairs.

-Wolf sends
I drove with my fully-loaded i5-2500K system with a Hyper 212+ and 6950 (without the watercooling parts in my sig) for 14 hours (back from school as well) and the system was fine.

I'd personally lay it down flat on the seat or put it behind one of the seats on the floor, but it'll be fine.


Jul 25, 2011
I moved my case back and fourth on 45-60 minute drives from university and home for 5 years (without the boxing it came in). I put it in the front seat, back seat, trunk, etc. and never had any problems (and I had an aftermarket cooler installed too that was fairly big). As long as its on it side it'll be fine. Heck, I had mine standing up a few times in the back surrounded by pillows and such to keep it secure and it was fine, although I wouldn't recommend that way.


if you want you could put some bubblewrap/foam inside the PC (near the heatsink) when moving (as i do) to avoid damage, its not much hassle and it protects the stuff inside without having to take the heatsink off (which i would reccommend doing).