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Question TrendNet KVM Switch

May 3, 2021
I use a TrendNet KVM Switch TK-215i to switch between my home pc and my work laptop. Ive had it for 6 months and its worked well. A few days ago I started having problems with the KVM Switch. It seems to be holding Control down forever until i manually press the Control button. So when i try to type the computer registers ctrl+z or ctrl+s or whatever button i press. Once i press the Control button the keyboard goes back to functioning normally. This issue starts every time i switch between computers, and then i press the Control button and the issue goes away. The problem began immediately after I installed the new beta of Bluestacks on my computer, which is an Android emulator. I have read that some KVM Switches use emulation to communicate with the computers they are connected to, so Im wondering if Bluestacks interfered somehow. Anyways, I uninstalled Bluestacks but the problem persisted. I tried resetting the KVM Switch, reinstalling all the keyboard drivers, the problem wont go away. Does anybody know how I can fix this?


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What OS are you working with for both system's? You might want to see if uninstalling the app used for the KVM switch, listed here, and then reinstalling the app(after a reboot) in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator changes your experience. If you're sure that the Beta version of BlueStacks caused the issue(and not prior) then try and install a prior version that isn't Beta.