Feb 25, 2004
Ok, this is really starting to piss me off. F***ing activation bs. I have 1 copy of XP pro, i've been messing around with occing and drivers, scewed up xp beyond repair a few times, had to format and reinstall. Now i've used up my activations, have to call in every time. Ok, so i made backups where i don't have any drivers on it, so that way i can just ghost to a registered back up, now i move one of my hd's to another port on the mobo and it FU**ing wants to activate again, because supposedly my system has significantly changed, wow i move a hd to another controller, whoopdy freaking dooo. WTF! why should i have to activate again agian for something so rediculously minor. I dont' care any more, i just wan't to hack it, i paid for it, i only use it on 1 comp, i'm just sick of the activation crap. It woldn't be so bad if they didn't make you do it for the dumbest changes. but they do. Any one have any way to crack it so it thinks its activated? I'm just sick of calling in all the time. Also, i have a copy of 64bit, but i abandoned it because the chipset driver's SUCKED! Anyone got any good chipset drivers for 64 bit? look at my profi to see my setup.


Dec 31, 2005
hey man!
I feel you pain. I did the same shit. Anyway I got a copy of WinXpX64 and had no problem with the drivers. The Offiicial sites to each peice of your hardware should have up to date driver for x64. just make sure they are for x64 (as I'm sure you knew already)
Hope this helped but probably not.
good luck dude

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Dec 31, 2007
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