Tricky 300 Watt Peltier Regulation


Mar 31, 2006
I have a 300watt peltier I want to use to cool my Athlon 64 4000+. But the thing is that I dont want to use the full power of the peltier, as it will cool my CPU below ambient, which I dont want to do. The reason I want to regulate the peltier is because If it operates at maximum voltage (15VDC) then it will probably overtax my water cooling system.

The water cooling system I have is an Evercool WC-202. ( yah I know it weak but im on a budget) I have swapped the previous 1/4in silicone tubing for 3/8in Danger Den Tubing and ordered a triple 120mm radiator. (Black Ice III)

So could anyone suggest a way for me to regualate the peltiers voltage, so I want overtax my cooler? I was thinking of something along the lines of a rheostat but im really not sure.


May 7, 2009
well why not use a regulated power supply with two temp probes? one below the tec near cpu and one on top of the tec.
this is to monitor cpu temp and the one on top is to see to tec temp
then crank up the system and watch the temp probes. then start turning the power knob on the regulated power supply to get the temp you want... common sense show then tell you what to do. :eek:

Just remember not to exceed the TEC's Tmax or you will turn it into a very good insulator and fry your cpu. THAT IS WHY I SET MY BIOS SHUTDOWN TEMP :fou:
TEC fails it shuts down my system to keep from frying the cpu....

I have the power supply and temp readout on my monitor so I can see it all the time.

I am running a AMD Phenom 2 940 system at 4 ghz HT at 2.0 Bios Voltages are set to auto so system needs more juice it does it automatically. :sol:

Hey I also like the Intel i7; BUT I assembled my system allot cheaper using AMD and INTEL would have cost me another 500-800$..
Yes yes I know. The Intel and AMD is the same as the Ford vs Chevy arguement; but hey I own both ford and chevy :D
It is all nothing but a war of numbers; but systems today YES EVEN AMD have more than enough power to run games; the BOTTLENECK becomes the GPU ability of the system - VIDEO CARDS etc... :cry:


Contributing Writer
No offense, but you might consider upgrading your pump...I am pretty sure the integrated pump in that unit is fairly weak. With a TEC block and that Black Ice III, you would do pretty well if you also ditched the secondary evercool rad. With that TEC block and that BIX rad, you are pretty close to just going with a new WC system.