Question Trident Z Neo unstable in dual channel

Aug 25, 2020
I recently bought a pair of Trident Z Neo 8gb x2 3600mhz CL16 , when I first installed them the system booted but didnt post and the pc stays on and the rgb of the ram are working , then I had to reset a few times but the problem persisted I then finally cleared the CMOS and I got to acces BIOS and I activated the XMP profile for it then restarted again and I got to boot normallly but as soon as I started a cinebench r20 test the PC crashed and rebooted (this happened like 5 more times) even if when web browsing or doing nothing at all the PC had random crashes in about 10 mins or so I then tested each stick individually in slot A2 and B2 and everything went fine (cinebenchr20, web browsing, unigine heaven even did the total war troy benchamark like 5 times and played a few games for 30 mins and not a single crash) but as soon as I put them simultaneously system become unstable.

I have a pair of 16gb x2 kingston hyper x fury rgb oced at 3200mhz cl16 and they run perfectly fine.

Id gladly try any other suggestions if needed because I dont know what to do at this point and sorry for my bad english.

System spec:

ryzxen 7 3700x oced at 4.250 (even at stock the system is unstable with the rams)
asrock steel legend b550 (on latest bios)
sapphire pulse rx 5700xt
corsair h100x aio
corsair tx650m 650w plus gold
1tb nvme ssd and 1tb hdd