[SOLVED] Tried to dismantle and fix fans and the computer won't boot up properly anymore

Nov 30, 2019
My laptop's fans started making loud noises once we started booting up a game so I decided to try cleaning the fans with some online tutorials. I had to stop midway because I was afraid I'd break something (the top just wouldn't come off and some plugs looked unsafe to pull).

Once I turned it back on, it started showing
> Checking Media Presence
> No Media Presence
Then it would show the Aptio Setup Utility - American Megathrends, Inc. screen. I've seen some suggestions to change the BIOS, but I'm honestly not sure if I should tamper any longer without some clear info. I'm not sure if this is because there's a plug I didn't fix in right or this is a standard process.



Dell Inspirion 15 7559
Intel Core i7 7th gen

(can't list more because the sticker with the data is faded out.)