Tried to transfer OS from HDD to SSD, now I have two of everything

Feb 2, 2019
I wanted to transfer my OS from my Hard Drive to my Solid State, but apparently, everything was copied. How should I go about fixing it so only my OS and a few games are on the SSD? Do I just delete everything in it and then transfer the files from the Hard Drive, or is there a better way?
In most cases you would have to reinstall applications/ games. For ones that work from their .exe on HDD you can just make a shortcut/icon in SSD and run them as they are.
In case of reinstall, just point them during installation to same place on HDD, will probably loos game saves like that but they will work.



Assuming you did this correctly, this is exactly what a clone does. Indeed, that is the meaning of the word 'clone' exact duplicate.

You can't clone 'only the OS' to a new drive. All or nothing. You can't pick and choose.

Does the system work perfectly from only the new SSD?
Test this to be 100% sure.
If it does, then you wipe the entire HDD. All partitions on it, leaving one blank space.

Then, you can move some things (not programs) to that old HDD.

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