Question Tried to upgrade

Mar 28, 2023
My computer is an I7 with ASUS Z390-P, 32g ram, 1tb SSD and I had a 1080 video card in it with a 650w older psu. My son upgraded his computer and gave me his 2080gpu. I decided to upgrade my psu to a 750w modular before installing the 2080. When I put in the new psu and installed the new 2080 nothing turned on. My computer made a little noise like it was going to turn on but nothing. I removed the 2080 and tried plugging the monitor into the motherboard and that worked with no issues. I then tried my old 1080 card and everything turned on but now the computer would not boot. I went back to plugging it into the motherboard to see if it’s something in the settings and when I went to turn it on the only thing that works is the fans and the rgb. The mouse, keyboard nor monitor will turn on anymore. Any ideas what could be causing this and how can i fix it? Help is greatly appreciated

PS- My son tried both video cards after this in his computer and they both work just fine