Tring to decide on a 1155 motherboard...


Jul 26, 2011
Hello everyone... I am trying to decide on a good motherboard for my gaming rig, to use for an i7 2600K. I do not want to spend too much but if I must, ill downgrade the cpu to an i5 2500K instead(even though I feel that hyperthreading may be of use to me...). These are some motherboards I am thinking about:

I want to go with 1155 because i dont want to buy a 1366 or 2011 CPU knowing that they cost $1000 dollars or more for the CPU alone... Plus i always hear an see that the 2600K is simply one of the best CPUs right now, an probably will be for a long time.

If you all have any other suggestions for mobos, please know that I need them to have atleast 1 USB 3.0 header, and a Z68 chipset. I have my graphics card already(Matrix GTX 580) and my cooler(Silver Arrow). I am not planning on using any SLI or crossfire anytime soon...

Thank you all for your help! =D