Triple Display


Mar 19, 2012
I have 1 monitor with a VGA connection as my main monitor
I have 1 monitor with a DVI connection as my second monitor
I have currently have a ATI Firegl V3600 graphics card with two DVI outputs (I am using a DVI to VGA converter for my VGA monitor)

I am trying to connect Panasonic TV (plasma viera) with a HDMI connection (and only a HDMI VGA)

At first all I wanted was to duplicate my second (DVI monitor) to my TV, but if the solution is easier to have the TV as an additional monitor that is fine.

Everywhere I look I can not find a simple and cheap solution.....every forum or comments leads to dead ends.

I bought a DVI splitter lead for my second monitor and TV but when I connect both, neither work!! Which I suspected would not due to different resolutions. But I do not know which way to turn next.

Do I get a new graphics card (something like a radeon 5*** series which has DVI, VGA, HDMI and supposedly supports 3 monitors but I can not find any where that says it definitely will), do I get an additional graphics card ( which I think may cause more problems and could cause conflicts between drivers....I also only have a PCI slot to put it in) or is there some other solution that I haven't thought of?!?!?

Someone please help...... I was hoping this would be an easy solution with a lead and was also hoping not to spend a fortune.

Has anyone got any ideas?


Dec 24, 2011
Well most cards still not run 3 displays while a Analog (VGA) connection is running
Simplest solution would be to use that card to drive the 2 main displays u want to use
and get a cheap card to drive the 3rd display


Mar 17, 2012
just some info the amd 5xxx and above series does support triple display. however you have to use the mini display adapter to do so.unless you buy one of the higher end cards i wouldnt count on gaming three displays but if your looking to multitask thats the easy way to go.


Well the question would be what do you want to use your computer for because your options for triple monitor would be either a Firepro V4900 or a Radeon 5/6/7x00 series videocard. The Firepro would be good for things like Autocad/Max/Maya etc while the Radeons will be good for Videogames. The displayport on a Firepro carries both audio and video and can be converted to Hdmi via an adapter. The V4900 comes with one Displayport to DVI adapter.

Displayport to Hdmi adapters ->

Difference between the two performance wise in Pro applications ->,3153.html

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