Question Triple monitor digital support

Jun 16, 2019
I am in the process of selecting the parts of my next PC. I am going for an AM4 motherboard with Ryzen 5 2400g. I would like for the MB to have three graphics outputs, only not a D-sub among them. Basically I wanted a MB with three fully digital outputs (hdmi, DVI or something). Any suggestions? (On the lower or middle price range)
ps. I know about display port, but it comes too costly for three DP monitors (since I already own the 2 I will be using)
Display port can be used for HDMI with just a passive adapter. You don't need a monitor with DP, HDMI is enough. VGA/D-sub can't be used at same time as digital outputs. DVI can also be converted to HDMI.
I don't know of any AM4 motherboard with 3 digital outputs, those APUs simply don't have enough GPU power to do anything meaningful on such combined resolution. On the other hand, higher motherboards are not really meant to be used with low grade CPUs so they might not heva nay or more than one or two digital outputs.
If there's nothing specially heavy meant for third display you may be better off with cheaper MB and an USB to HDMI adapter like this:
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