Question Triple monitor gaming + 4th monitor ?


Jun 4, 2020
I currently have a 1440p ultrawide which i play games on. FPS, strategy etc.
It is connected via DP which the monitor supports 144hz.
The monitor does not support above 100hz on hdmi.

I am looking at adding an additional 3 x 32 inch 1440p monitors to use on my sim racing rig.

My 3080 card has 3 x DP and 1 x HDMI ports.

I was going to use hdmi for the ultrawide and DP for the triple setup but i dont want to be limited to 100hz/100fps on my ultrawide.

I understand you cant convert hdmi to DP so i dont think going from hdmi to dp on the ultrawide is a solution.

So im wondering if there would be any issue with using 1 hdmi and 2 DP for the triple momitor sim racing rig and 1 dp fpr the ultrawide monitor?
I dont mind if im limited to 100 or 120hz on the triple monitors as i doubt i could push that many pixels far above 100fps anyway.
Is there any disadvantage doing it this way?

I should mention,i will not have all 4 on at once. Either 3 or 1 turned on but i dont want to switch cables around to choose which i will use.