Question Triple monitor mount + different monitors = Uneven Heights = Help?


Aug 15, 2019
Sorry, this title is sounding stupid now. I''m not sure if this post even qualifies as a 'HELP!' kind of post, but I've got an issue you see.

I have three monitors, or to be exact 1 monitor and 2 TVs. I have my monitor setup as portrait off to the far side, followed by the two tvs. For this post, I'll just call em all Monitors. Displays, actually. Anyway, I'm looking for a triple monitor arm that I can clamp to my desk and I have looked and scoured the depths of Amazons [censored] filtering for the past three days. And I have found the answer I am looking for. Get new monitors, all of the same type and kind, get a triple monitor 'gas and spring' mount, or get one of these bad boys.

The issue? Well, the gas and spring mount is bloody giant and I want my center monitor to be flush against the wall, not halfway across the desk and in my face as I don't have the most depth-iest of desks (according to my tape-measure, 60cm, out of which my display sits on the 18cm mark from the wall. Not the monitor stand tho, the monitor stand is flush against the wall, but the arm in the middle of the stand is, well, in the middle of it). So that's a no-go.

What does that leave me with? Get a monitor mount that isn't a waste of space and £200, instead go for the £70 one with limited movement. I'm liking the idea, said Napoleon while looking at the guillotine. But how will they die if the head-hole is taller than the person? Aha! I just need of the bad boys TM. BUT IT'S NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK. Damn. I'll have to import it from the US. But that goes against the entire point of Amazon Prime doesn't it? What am I paying for Prime for if not to use it whole-heart-idly!
So I look, and I look. And amazon is stupid and broken, yet I still pay for it. I hate how amazon filtering doesn't work. I hate how Google never gives me what I'm looking for even with quotation marks and specific word searches. I'm dying.

I am coming to an ultimatum... will I have to drill my own holes in my monitor? Will I have to buy a drill? Buy some washers? I'm in University, where will I be able to drill in peace, to fell destruction on my monitors! Oh god, how will I live with myself knowing there will be horrible and painful holes at the back of my displays. Unseen, but not unknown. Weighing on my conscious. There is are options though. There is the Expensive Bad Boy sitting at £50. £50! Un-(F word)-real. Another option? This AbominationTM.

Lord almighty. Does anyone have any bright and/or functional ideas? I honestly do not want to A) Buy 3 sets of monitors B) get those weird giant expensive mounts where they arch back like chicken wings or C) drill my damn displays.

My bad for the curse words mods, haha I do it habitually.
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Feb 1, 2017
Responding since we got tagged in this post. :)
Many of our customers doing setups like this will order a dual and single monitor mount together, which gives more flexibility in adjustment. We have both a single monitor desk mount and dual monitor desk mount available on Amazon UK with Prime shipping from a UK warehouse, so that could possibly work for your setup. Or if a triple monitor mount with an independently adjustable center mount would work for you (so monitor in center and TVs on sides), I see that VonHaus has a mount like this on Amazon UK.