Triple sli or ?


Dec 10, 2009
Ok so I have an EVGA 780i MoBo that supports triple SLI. Using a c2q6700 and 4gb ram ... Would like any suggestion on whether I should look at getting 3 vid cards or 1 card not real sure on how much I want to spend but probably no more that 300$ would it be better to just buy 2 cards and save the extra slot till i need it ? hmmmmmm damn the choices
My buddy ran (3) 8800GTX's on a 780i motherboard and had tons of heat issues. Whenever you run more than 1 card you have extra heat to contend with. Even 2 cards can be a challenge. The top card traps heat from the card below and can cause issues if you don't have good case airflow between the two. I had 2 cards in Crossfire and had tons of problems. So much I sold both and got a single card. My thought is, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

My suggestion is to get a single 5850. It is ATI so you can only run one on your board, but the only way you would outperform a 5850, would be (2) GTX 260's in SLI and that would cost you about $400. My suggestion is get the single best card you can for the money, which is a 5850.

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