Question Trixsy Ryzen got me stumped


It works, I'm posting on it right now in fact. But heres the thing...

New build, x570i, 3700x (taken better part of a year to complete) , latest bios. Single Adata SX8200 Pro 2Gb NVME. Brand new Win10 Pro. Cold boot and no drive shows up in bios, goes straight to bios, no OS boot. Shutdown, reset cmos, and most times the drive will show up and allow the boot. I can do anything, reset included. IF i shut down, back to no drive showing. If I make any changes from default like set DOCP , change fan settings, anything at all, back to no drive showing, even though no power loss. Half the time i get a "This PC could not complete the RAID setup, press F1 to enter Setup" error which halts the POST, although the drive was never set for raid, has always been AHCI.

Thought it was the battery, but no settings change, time/date remain correct, doesn't matter what is plugged in as far as usb stuff goes, all drivers are current latest, bios was staggered to latest from last 4 (2x were beta patches for Agesa) , I'm just stumped why a Windows/forced shutdown removes the NVME entirely , yet a cmos reset , windows reset or 'boot into Post Safe Mode' will show the drive in bios and allow full boot.

Any clues?