Trizeal for Dreamcast has been released



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Trizeal is the latest game for Dreamcast to be released. Of course, it is a
shoot em up, and a pretty decent one too, from what I hear.

for those wanting proof that Trizeal was coming out on Dreamcast, not just a
NAOMI game, here. orders for the Dreamcast game are now shipping.

Trizeal homepage

Trizeal Dreamcast homepage

hopefully we will continue to get more NAOMI to Dreamcast ports through
2005 and 2006.

Dreamcast is not completely dead!


Archived from groups:,,, (More info?)

this is old info but it lists the extras in the Dreamcast version of

Details of the Dreamcast retail version of Trizeal have been revealed today
on the official Triangle Service website, A very interesting inclusion that
stands out is the use of an internet ranking mode for highscores!

Triangle Service Trizeal DC page

-Supports VGA mode, 4 memory card blocks, arcade stick

-2 Player simultaneous play

-Score attack mode

-Internet ranking

-9 Ranking modes:

arcade mode, score attack stage 1-6, score attack lifting (bonus game),
score attack extra

-New stages

-Sound test mode

-Inclusion of a mini game

Also the game is now up for order on Sega Direct and as a pre-order
incentive you get a full soundtrack cd (as well as the first print run bonus