Question Trojan virus

Nov 12, 2019
So I downloaded and installed a auto clicker on sourceforge, windows defender picked up one of the files as a trojan:win32\ and deleted a file. So I took the .exe file to virustotal and only 2 out of the 75 anti virus softwares detected anything amiss. So I decided to download and install the auto clicker 3 more times just to see what would happen and sure enough 2 out of the 3 times the same thing happened. Now my question is should I be worried out having a trojan on my pc ? I haven't seen anything wrong so far after 3 days but I'm worried because one time it did not pick anything up. Also I left a review on the program and it got deleted. Further more I installed malybites and bit defender to check if they could pick anything up and they didn't.
Going with smaller, no name sources where anyone and his brother can upload/download unknown software with whatever claims almost guarantees you will be hit in the future...if not already. Virustotal quite often hits on 2 or 3 out of 69+ sources on certain software tools, so that in itself is not overly concerning....

Might as well start your practice deleting partitions and restoring from a recent pristine back up image sooner rather than later... :)