[SOLVED] Trouble applying thermal paste (water cooling)

Nov 11, 2018
So I've had this issue ever since I've changed my old processor to a new one. Every time I apply the thermal paste to the processor and attach the heatsink, I'll be using the computer just fine for maybe a month and then the CPU starts over heating and causing issues, which, naturally, I open the computer up and check for any issues. I've dusted the whole thing out, so that's not an issue any more so I investigate the CPU only to find out the thermal paste is poorly applied. I've just re-applied the thermal paste today, and that would make it the 4th time trying in 6 months to no avail.

I'm not exactly a newbie when it comes to building PCs and installing components and I've never had this issue before with regular heatsinks, and actually when I first installed the water cooling system using my old processor, I had no issues there (and as far as I recall the paste was applied properly then). Is there a trick I'm missing here or has my cooling unit's surface become warped somehow?

I'm using an AMD if that helps.Thanks in advance.

Vic 40

Which maker+type paste?

maybe post some pictures of how you apply and how it looks when the cooler is taken off.

Can use Imgur to post a picture here,use the "img" link.
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Nov 1, 2018
it could be that your cpu heatspreader isn't flush, try and put a ruler on it and see if it is flush or try and spin it on a peace of glass or something if it spins fast and for a long time comepared to something that you know is strait.
If this is treu and the CPU heatspreader isn't flush then you need to have something that you know is comepleetly strait and put a big peace of 480 grid or a little less sandpaper and make the sink flush, or just look watch this video:
I hope this will fix it but if it doesn't then please send some pics of the cpu and the spread on the block and on the cpu .