Question Trouble Booting Up Windows 10 on First PC Build

May 20, 2020
Hey guys,

So I just finished building my first PC yesterday afternoon (everything is brand new) and am trying to get it booted up. I had to download a Windows 10 drive on my USB through my MacBook Pro and Boot Camp Assistant (all I have at my disposal). This process seemed to work fine, but when I try to start my PC using the USB I just get a small blinking cursor in the top left corner of the PC. The BIOS recognizes the USB drive no problem and I have tried to use the boot override function in the BIOS to no avail. (I am using a Gigabyte B365M DS3H mobo and an i3-9100F)

Here is my set-up:

Excited first-time builder just trying to get everything booted up and going, so thanks in advance for any help!