Trouble checking out Zonet Wireless Router


May 21, 2012
I hope someone can give me some ideas on this. I have a freind whose router died. He's between jobs so he doesn't want to buy new one right now. I came up with a Zonet ZSR4134WS Wireless N router. I'm trying to verify that it works, but I can't even connect thru the wired ports.

I have Comcast internet with a Motorola surfboard modem. When I log into the router, the set-up wizard page auto-detection says I have a static IP, even though I doubt that's true. It then asks for IP addresses from the ISP plus some other crap. I can't connect regardless of whether I select static or dynamic IP. I have no problems with my Belkin wireless router.

Does anyone have any experience with this particular brand of router? Thanks.


Make sure to reboot the modem whenever you change routers. In fact, you may need to let the modem sit for about 20 mins so the ISP disassociates the old router's MAC address from his network and allows the new router and its MAC address to take its place.

And if it's not brand new router but perhaps an old one you haven't used for a while, it helps to do a factory reset, just in case some old configuration is causing a problem.

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