Question Trouble connecting Bluetooth headphones with wireless Bluetooth transmitter connected to AVR ?


Jul 24, 2015
I have a Denon AVR-S740h that I want to connect to my Bluetooth headphones.
I have been using the MPOW BH390A wireless bluetooth transmitter/receiver connected to the front 1/4" connector using a 3.5mm-->1/4" adapter.
It works, but I have issues with consistently getting it to pair with my headphones. I have deleted the data before and have it only paired with my new Soundcore Q30 headphones.
When it works, it works fine, but sometimes I will turn it on and wait forever and it will never re-pair with my headphones. I have tried turning each off an on a few times trying to see if it would make a difference but sometimes it just seems like it can't find the headphones. Nothing else is connecting to it and I am placing the bluetooth transmitter right next to my headphones. And yes, I am using the transmitter setting, not receiver setting.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Is this just a problem with these types of adapters? Is there a better one out there that I could somehow use a smartphone app to control to decide what to pair to etc, especially if I have multiple Bluetooth headphones I would like to connect?