Trouble Connecting Bose Earbuds Acer PC Via Insignia bluetooth adapter

Apr 2, 2018
So it is about high time that I get to the bottom of this issue and am reaching out for help as I am by no means an expert or well versed in this sort of thing. I will start off with my specs:

Laptop attempting to connect to: Running windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on an Acer aspire 5750G-6480
Headphones attempting to connect to the PC: Bose soundsport wireless bluetooth earbuds
Third party Usb bluetooth adapter: Insignia NS-PCY5BMA

So, my issue is this. Under device manager, and bluetooth radios, it is listing two things. First, a micro usb to bluetooth dongle adapter, and a microsoft bluetooth enumerator, both of which are working correctly. To pair my headphones, I essentially press a button on the Bose headphones themselves to pair them to any device - my ipod, android phone etc... all which connect without a hiccup. When I attempt to add a device under hardware and sound - devices and printers - bluetooth radio - add a device, my device is located and shows up in and shows up in this same section. That is about where I become lost as to how to solve this. Please help!


I just bought these for my wife to use with her phone. In order to get them to work properly, I had to download the Bose Connect app. I don't know if that's causing your issue with them not working but it may be best to try and reach out to Bose directly for a solution.