Question Trouble connecting laptop to external monitor

Apr 5, 2020
My laptop seems to have hardware issues when connecting to an external display via HDMI. I am perplexed because this issue sprung up out of nowhere, it just stopped working.
1. The laptop will show the external monitor in device manager and display settings, it will even think my display is extended and will let my mouse go into the other "ghost monitor."
A summary of the issue:
  1. When I first plug in the HDMI cable the monitor will flicker on, but then will say no signal and turn off.
  2. When I unplug the HDMI cable from the laptop it will continue to think the monitor is connected.
I have tried:
  1. Different cables (Still does not work)
  2. Different computer connected to monitor (Monitor confirmed to work)
  3. Laptop connected to different monitors (Still does not work)
  4. Updating nvidia graphics driver (nvidia Quadro P1000)
  5. Updating windows
  6. Power cycling both devices and connecting in a different order
This leads me to believe this is a hardware issue. Is there anything else I can try/check before contacting support? I have a Lenovo P1 workstation laptop and I am still in my limited warranty, but I'd rather not go through the hassle, especially since most Lenovo repair centers are shut down right now.
Thank you!