Question Trouble getting desktop PC to recognise my TV/monitor ?

Jan 26, 2021
I've currently got an old-ish (somewhere around 2012) TV I'm using for a monitor while I look for a proper one and a [Wacom] Cintiq 13HD connected up to my desktop [PC]. It really, really seems to hate this setup. I have to boot the PC first and then turn on the TV, probably because of handshake order, to get the "beep" of recognition, and even then, it won't always work. I have had times when I've had to reboot four or five times just to get it to connect.

I've tried swapping out the HDMI cables in case it was those being temperamental, but I'm on my third, and while it seems a little better than before, not by much. The Cintiq seems a little better, but behaves with some oddities due to being effectively my second monitor at the moment, so it's a little harder to measure.

Can I expect this to improve when I get a proper monitor, or do I need to sort something out in BIOS, or is it the GPU?

(Speaking of which, I'm combing through the sticky threads, but if anyone has recommendations for a 24" 60 or 75Hz IPS monitor, I will also take those.)