Trouble installing 4 more gb of ram


Nov 14, 2008
Hi I recently ordered 4gb of the same ram that I currently have in my system to fill all 4 slots on my motherboard for 8gb of ram total

this is the ram >>>

My specs in my computer at the moment

i5 2500 k with a hyper 212+ cooler
gtx 580
750W Corsair psu
msi p67a-g43 mother board

My case is a haf 932 cooler master

I already resset the cmos battery no luck with that

I took out the 2 extra sticks and it works fine but any time I put the 2 extra ram sticks in the PC boots up and all leds come on all fans spin but it shuts down then boots up again its like a cycle until I manually turn the PC off by the psu

I'm stumped

I replaced the old sticks with the new ram and everything boots up fine there is no problem so it's not the ram

and I just put the new ram in the different slots and booted up and it all works fine so its not hte memory modules as well


Feb 9, 2011
Have you tried with BIOS update?

Which brand was of the old sticks?

When you upgrade Memory, ensure that you are using all 4 sticks with same brand and with no voltage mismatch.