Trouble overclocking GTX680 help pla!


Nov 25, 2012
I have a GTX680 Msi Twin Frozr iii and i am having trouble overclocking it. I am using MSI afterburner 2.2.3v. Anyway heres how its set up core voltage at +o. I hear people saying that 1.75v is recommend but when i move the slider is shows +1-50ish. Then its power limit which stock is at 100 and i put it to 106%. Core clock is +100mhz and memory is + 400mhz. When i play Guildwars 2 and 15min in game under a little stress the screen goes black for 3sec then lags a little then normal. However the GPU goes back to stock. I run Furmark and there are no artifacts. I run heaven benchmark and halfway in the same thing as GW2 happens. Someone please recommend what i should do. Or should i sell this card to my friend for $400 (bought for 450) and buy a GIGABYTE GTX670 for $400 so maybe later on i can SLI? I feel like this GPU is under performance.. Thank you.
that card is already overclocked, its not surprising you cant get a whole lot more out of it. +100 to the core is right near the max on these cards since the autoboost would put it upto about 1250.