Question Trouble overclocking Ryzen 5 3600


Jan 9, 2019
Build specs:
Case: meshify C with great airflow
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
CPU Cooler: Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 250W
Mobo: AsRock b450 Pro 4

A couple days ago I got a overclock of 4175@1.325ish to post and loaded up a game I like, played for 5 minutes, and went to sleep. I also let it run in prime 95 a while and was happy with the results. No errors. Next morning, no post, so I let it be at default till today when I had the time to gift it another shot. Here are my tries and results. I think I am missing something. My bios setup is settings fans to the mode I want, and XMP enabled. That is the groundwork I start with every time. Then I go into OC tweaker, set the top overclock mode to manual, and then go to CPU settings and set it to manual and I change the clock speed and core voltage. I leave SOC as manual.
4000@1.1 NO POST
^1.15 NO POST
^1.2 NO POST
^1.25 POST
4100@ 1.3 NO POST
^1.325 NO POST
^1.35 NO POST
^1.3675 NO POST
^1.375 NO POST
^1.4 NO POST
4050@1.250 NO POST

In Ryzen Master I am able to set clocks to significantly higher, pass Prime95, run c-bench15 cleanly but setting from bios and I fail. I think I am missing a setting in Bios. First pc I've built, I want to run my r5 to its fullest (safe) potential. I have a beefy cooler on it and know it can go further. What am I setting wrong in bios?