Question [Trouble shooting] Potential issue with my motherboard?

Jul 9, 2020
Hey everyone,

Apologies if I've posted to the wrong sub-forum.

System specs
CPU - Ryzen 7 1700
MB - Asus Prime X370-Pro
RAM - 2 x 8GB DDR4
GPU - Nvidia GTX 1660 Super (recently bought - about a week ago to replace old GPU)
PSU - Antec NeoECO Modular 550W Semi-Modular PSU (recently bought - 2 days ago to repalce old PSU)

My issue

Originally, my GPU broke down on me and was receiving no signal to monitor. Standard broken GPU stuff, replaced the GPU and now partly works. Issue now is my pc runs fine when idling and can run graphically low-end games no problem, but when I try to run more demanding games I encounter an issue where my PC monitor, keyboard and mouse lose power/signal (lights go out on the keyboard/mouse). My PC also does this when I shut down my PC from start menu, and very rarely on boot). To resolve the issue I have to hard reset my PC holding the power button.

Things I've done to try fix the issue (not nescessarily in this order)

  • Checked if Win10 was damaged, tried things such as "sfc /scannow", "DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup" and "Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth"
  • Clean install of windows (installed to both of my hard drives and alternated which was connected to see if issue was with those)
  • Checked and removed RAM and alternated which stick was plugged in, tried all slots on the motherboard for each
  • Before replacing PSU, issue was happening on low end games also, changing to ECO power in Win/BIOS enabled me to be able to play low-end games
  • Replaced my PSU, still same issue
  • Tried both slots on motherboard for GPU, no difference
  • updated motherboard BIOS, Win10 fully updated etc, all drivers up to date
  • Full virus scans etc, nothing found (I use AVG)
  • Disabled USB Root Hub power management settings
I'm basically now just wondering if anone has any ideas of what else I can try, might have missed, or may have done wrong that I can try to resolve the issue before I look at replacing my motherboard/CPU potentially, I'm basically out of cash for trying to fix my PC for a while now.

Any help is really apprciated!