Question Trouble understanding D-RGB for pc build

Aug 16, 2019
So I've built a fair few pc's, but this is my first time venturing into the rgb world. I'll try to keep it short and sweet:

I have a Phanteks Evolv X for the case. A Deepcool Castle 360 for a cooler. And a Phanteks RGB Hub with LED strips. Ideally I'd like it all to sync up, but can't figure it all out.

The case has a fan controller built in, as well as 1 d-rgb connector for the built in leds and 1 for the fans (although the built in fans aren't rgb so not sure what this is for?) The cooler then has a hub to connect all the rgbs for the 3x fans. But this requires a d-rgb connector and there's only one on my motherboard (MSI b450 carbon ac). Same story with the Phanteks hub, it requires a d-rgb connector for the led strips. So the way I see it is i'll need 3x d-rgb ports to connect it all (case, cooler fans, led strips)

Can I get a d-rgb splitter? I've heard that this means the software will see the lights as a whole as oppose to individual lights. Really can't wrap my head around this so any advice would be amazing!!