Question Trouble with ASUS TUF B450 Newly built PC gray screen / not booting to windows software through bios PLUS keyboard rarely works! Please help!

Jul 24, 2019
I just built a new PC (my first PC) And I have all the parts checked through a compatibility check - My PC MUST work if it's all running and letting me open bios the first time I use a USB slot that my wireless keyboard is plugged into. My PC starts up and let's me press F2 / Delete or whatever key it may be to open bios for any other motherboard. I can see that my GPU, CPU, and RAM is working fine. Once I try to boot default it doesn't recognize my flash drive with Windows 10 on it (Yes it is plugged into the back USB port) so I manually change it to the Sandisk flash drive and try it then. I get gray screened / black screened. Once I restart my PC my keyboard doesn't work anymore. I have to unplug EVERYTHING and try it again hoping that my keyboard will work. I just ordered a wired keyboard to see if this will allow me to try to proceed to troubleshoot why my newly built PC will not start beyond the bios screen. (Windows file on USB may be corrupt but i've re downloaded it twice and this took me several restarts of my pc for it to recognize my keyboard, plus everything is plugged in if its displaying my cpu, gpu, and RAM). It seems like if I let my PC stay unplugged for a little while it lets me use my keyboard. But if I were to power it off and back on it won't let me use my keyboard. Any way of help is much appreciated! Thank you!