Question Trouble with file transferring

Jun 13, 2019
Recently I’ve been teaching myself all the works of recording, copying/transferring videos to PC, editing them, then posting to YouTube. BUT I keep running into the problem:

Every time I copy a 15 minute video from my PS4 to my external harddrive (exFAT) then plug that harddrive into my computer (hp laptop with windows 10) via USB, some I am not able to view, some I am able to watch until a certain point, and some I’m able to view the whole thing. It’s all random. Some 15 minute videos work perfect. Some don’t.
Side note: the first time I copied videos I did it in bulk. It took forever but then I read up the bigger the file, the more chance it will be corrupted. But if it’s only 500-700MB it’s not like it’s multiple 10 GB worth of files. Now I just copy one 15 minute, 600-700 mb video at a time.

But I’m still not able to get that perfect video everytime. It takes multiple times to go recopy and all that. Is there something I’m doing wrong that might affect the hard drive or the files within?