Trouble with others connecting to my server


Feb 28, 2013
Hi all,

I am having a hell of a time with my server on Fantasy Grounds (Virtual Table Top where I play online Dungeons & Dragons).

The issue isn't necessarily that people can't connect to my server properly--they can. It's just an issue of when the server has been up for an hour or more, it seems that I lose the ability for anyone else to join the server, or if someone drops off the server and comes back on the next morning, for example, they get "Unable to connect" when I'm still connected and there might be a player or two still connected to the server as well.

Before you ask, I have a static IP and followed the directions (mostly) found here:
But no dice.

The one exception, and I don't understand why I'm having the issue, is when I try to keep my DNS server as and give a backup of (which I hear is normal), I get an error:

"Warning - Multiple default gateways are intended to provide redundancy to a single network (such as an intranet or the Internet). They will not function properly when the gateways are on two separate, disjoint networks (such as one on your intranet and one on the Internet). Do you want to save this configuration?"

If I save, I lose connection to the Internet and have to reset my DNS to what I have at OpenDNS ( and backup

I don't know what's wrong with my connection that makes it seem like users can't connect after x amount of time--I confirmed with my router (Fios) that the IP is static and never expires.

Any ideas?