Question Trouble with RTX3060 ti and old monitor

May 5, 2023
Hi. I've had GTX 1070 with an old Acer VGA monitor connected via DP->VGA adapter (plus other monitor directly to DVI which that card had, and tv to HCMI). It was working for years.
Now, I got new RTX 3060 ti and all I got is black screen with "no signal" message on the dpo->VGA monitor
The card is OK - my tv connected via hdmi works fine and my second monitor connected via DP->DVI adapter works fine as well and this one works in ALL DP ports. Hence the card seems to work fine. Also, the reason is not the number of monitors, the DP->VGA doesn't work even if it is the only one connected.
I learned that all DP->VGA adapters are active, so that's not the issue either. Any ideas? Did 3060 ti stop supporting DP to VGA all together?
Got new drivers of course, released on May 2, 2023


Jun 5, 2008
Don't know if you have the same problem, but I had to buy a new monitor for my new rig. It was a big jump though.